Accident/Incident at Work?


Your Health & Safety Representative (HSR) is Jan Baremans (please click link for details).

An incident or near miss is classified as anything that has the potential to cause an accident on site. This must be reported to us to ensure you are working on a safe worksite in a safe manner.

The following is extracted from our Casual Employee Handbook, summarising the main points:

Regardless of the seriousness or extent of injury, you need to do the following if you are injured or there is an incident on site.

  • Immediately report the injury to your Supervisor who will commence assessment of the injury and all necessary First Aid treatment. If you have an illness that you believe is related to your work, you must report it as soon as you become aware of it. You may record the injury in the register of injuries at the workplace and complete a notification of incident form
  • Ensure Penrith Personnel is notified as soon as possible after the injury happens. If after hours, call us on our mobile 0418 211 414, we can then coordinate any action required; even if no treatment is needed we then establish what happened and why, reviewing Risk Assessments and controls to avoid it happening again.
  • Penrith Personnel has an established account with The Penrith Medical Centre on the corner of Henry & Lawson Streets, Penrith. We will confirm by fax with them that you are an employee of Penrith Personnel, that you are on your way there for treatment and what the injury appears to be – we organise this for you to simplify the process and reduce waiting time – but we do need to authorise the appointment.
  • If medical treatment is required you need to visit either Penrith Medical Centre as above, or your own nominated treating doctor. After you have received any treatment, you need to obtain a WorkCover Certificate of Capacity. A standard doctors “sick note” is not acceptable, it will be rejected by our Insurers.
  • If you have lost time due to a workplace injury, you will need to lodge a Workers’ Compensation claim through us. We cannot commence payment of compensation until your claim is approved by our insurer.

You are required by law to: 

  • Cooperate with Penrith Personnel and the Client / Host Employer to prevent work-related injuries to yourself and others
  • Immediately report any injury to the Client / Host Employer’s supervisor and where possible ensure that Penrith Personnel is also notified. If after hours, notify via mobile 0418 211 414
  • If further medical treatment is required, choose either Penrith Personnel’s nominated medical centre  or your own doctor.
  • Give consent for the doctor selected to provide information for the purposes of Injury Management and the establishment of Return to Work Plans.
  • Deliver the WorkCover Certificate of Capacity to Penrith Personnel and complete Workers’ Compensation Claims Forms with complete and accurate information about the circumstances of the injury to assist in Penrith Personnel’s accident investigation.
  • Participate and cooperate in the establishment of initial and subsequent Injury Management and RTW plans; comply with the activities detailed in the Injury Management and RTW plans

If you have observed or been involved in a accident, you need to call us NOW.

If you need to report a Workplace Hazard, please click through and complete this Hazard Notification Form

There are many ways you can get this information to us.

  • Post to Penrith Personnel — c/- Freepost 568, Penrith NSW 2751 (no stamp required)
  • Fax to Penrith Personnel on 4721 3125
  • Call your Consultant direct