Look After Your Back

We have put together some information to help you look after your health whilst working on assignment through Penrith Personnel..

Manual Handling tips

Do you know the correct way to pick up a box? Are you doing all the right things before you go ahead and pick it up?

You are the only one who can look after your own back. Don’t leave anything to chance. Click on the link below to download/print a copy of our Manual Handling tips

Manual Handling link

Ergonomics tips – Setting up your workstation

Ever sat at a computer and felt a bit uncomfortable? Are you straining to see the computer screen?

To ensure your health and safety when working in an office, it is important that everything is set up just for you. This resource helps you to set up your desk on the first day and make those little adjustments that make your life easier

Setting up your workstation link


Stretches in the office

Got time for a coffee break? You also need to make time to look after your back!

Use this resource to help protect your back when you are working at a desk for the majority of your day. These 5 minute stretches can make all the world of difference!

Stretches link