Resume Tips

To help your resumes achieve the best results, have a look at some of the tips below!

    • Be specific with dates – you need to put down the month and year you worked with a company.
    • Your employment must be listed with your current/most recent job first.
  • Bullet points of your main duties are a great way to show what you did in each of your roles.
  • If you have worked through agencies – ensure you list the dates you’ve been with them and the type of clients you have worked for. You don’t need to list the company names but the industries will help give us an overview of your background and skills
  • If you haven’t been working for a period of time – list your reason for this in the work history section eg. caring for mother; raising a family etc
  • Be sure to list your achievements! Whether its employee of the month or your have implemented a new work practice/procedure. All these things will show you in a good light to prospective employers
  • Work references – you need to list at least 3 work references. These must be your direct manager or supervisors and a land line phone number for them (not mobiles). If you don’t want to list these on your resume that is okay, however you must have them ready to go for your interview.
  • List the computer/software packages that you have used as well as how competent you are with them eg. Basic – Intermediate – Advanced
  • List any training courses completed through University, College, TAFE or courses you did at work.

Resume Template

We know that its not always easy to know what to put into a resume, so we’ve taken some of the work out of it for you by putting together a basic structure you can use.

Click on the link to open the document. Alternatively right click on the link below and save it to your computer.

Resume Template