Tailored Solutions

We are able to find just the Staff you are looking for!


Specialist recruits:
We can help you with those hard to fill roles
We have a wide variety of competency based assessments available
Interview and training rooms available
Benchmarking facilities: 
Create a level of expertise or competence within your workforce through utilising our assessment centres
We are happy to discuss what advertising options are open to you and best suit the type of staff you are looking for
Only want part of the service?
Penrith Personnel can help you in your search for the right person by taking on part of the process eg creating a shortlist of suitable people.


Penrith Personnel can supply staff to your business on any of the following bases:

Direct employment of staff by your company
Temporary or casual staff:
Casual staff can fill in for either short or long term placements in your workforce
If you have the staff and don’t want to pay them through your company, we can manage this process for you
Temporary to Permanent:  Try someone out before they become a permanent employee